Transition Wood Floor to Tile Ideas

Posted by Jose Murphy on January 17, 2019

Transition Wood Floor to Tile Ideas

This relaxing space in a bungalow in Arlington boasts the glamour and a style of a chic modern apartment as well as a great flooring design. The clever step going to the next floor space is a good way to join the stone tiles with the wood flooring in a seamless and natural way.  

The cost to install a combination of flooring in your home can vary depending on what you have planned for your floors, whether or not you are adding an extra layer of plywood or doing intricate alterations. Also, another factor to consider is the type of wood used, there are many different ones, from plywood and laminated to vinyl to give the effect without the price tag.

Another thing to note is that not all hardwood is suited to warm, humid regions of USA and in this case, an alternative of an engineered type of wood is a better option. Wood is naturally insulating. You will also consider the labor costs as old flooring will need to be removed before the new one is added and the tiles of choice.

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