The homify guide to decorating a green bedroom

Posted by Vera Coughlin on April 20, 2017

The homify guide to decorating a green bedroom

Colour therapy, also known as ‘chromotherapy’, as been in use for centuries, but not all of us take this into account when playing interior designer. To make a long story short, each colour has its own unique ‘personality’, which helps us decide which colours (and hues) are more appropriate for which room. 

Since green is related to nature, it has a soothing effect on both our minds and bodies. It is high on energy, stimulates healing and growth, and is an excellent choice for rejuvenating one’s body. 

Green is also known as a ‘cool’ colour, like blue, but not quite as cold. It has the ability to be cheerful and playful depending on which colours it’s combined with, and it can just as easily be formal and elegant. 

As it’s known for its calming qualities, green remains one of the best choices for bedrooms and home offices, where it can help to relieve stress. Green is also said to help with fertility issues, making it a popular tone for bedroom spaces. 

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