Spruce up your kitchen with these cabinet door styles!

Posted by Tom Finger on April 23, 2019

Spruce up your kitchen with these cabinet door styles!

Overlay doors cost 15-30% less than the inset cabinet doors and consist of 2 types—partial & full overlay. In partial overlay style, the cabinet doors are attached to the front of cabinets, slightly sticking out, with some space between the cabinet doors & drawers. Cabinets with this style of doors are the least pricey & the most common option for kitchens. The doors sit on the cabinet face, leaving a usual gap of 1-1.25 inch between the doors, letting the face frame of the cabinet to be seen. No knobs/ handles are needed with such cabinet doors because the door sides have finger space to open them. Though having a more traditional look, partial overlay cabinet doors are very popular & a good option for kitchen cabinetry, particularly when cost is decisive factor. 

Full overlay is comparatively modern, but offers a cleaner look and doesn’t waste even an ounce of space. In this style, you don’t see the face frame, which is visually more appealing. Full overlay cabinet doors cover the face of the cabinet entirely, providing a flat cabinet front. They have a similar appearance to that of inset doors sans the higher cost. Since full overlay cabinet doors are not set inside the cabinet frame, they provide plenty of storage with a lot of room to store items like pots and pans. In the full overlay style, double doors come minus the stile on the face frame, that allows for a greater storage capacity & easier access to stored items. With just 1/4th of an inch space between the cabinet doors, knobs/ pulls are required to open the cabinet doors.

Whatever be the cabinet door styles in your kitchen, you can always pimp up your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and for some more expert guidance, try out homify free consultation.

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