Shower floor tiles: which, why and how?

Posted by Louise Stewart on February 25, 2017

Shower floor tiles: which, why and how?

The cost will always be a significant factor during any home improvement project and when it comes to bathroom tiles, it's easy to spend an absolute fortune. Thankfully, there is such a huge selection of tiles to choose from, for a shower floor, that there are options to suit every budget. Some of the most popular options include:

 - Pebble-effect tiles. Similar to standard square mosaics, these are mesh-backed for convenience and allow for a great amount of grout to be used, but there is a definite bonus with pebble designs that might be instantaneously clear. Reflexology is a proven science and nothing will help to relax and restore balance like a little foot massage, while in the shower.

- Every color under the sun. Let's not ever forget just how endless the options for tiles colors are these days. Regardless of size or shape, there will be a perfect hue to go along with them.

- Natural stone tiles. Treated natural stone tiles that won't absorb and store water, are a great choice for any shower floor, as they can offer a huge amount of grip when left unpolished. 

- Porcelain tiles. Generally a little more slippery, porcelain is best kept to very small tile designs.

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