Ring in a spicy hot palette of colors that go with orange

Posted by Brett Robertson on May 16, 2019

Ring in a spicy hot palette of colors that go with orange

A fetching blend of red & yellow, orange color in its truest form is an equal mix of the two colors. Brighter hues of orange reflect positivity & hopeful audacity. Undeniably bold & cheery, it ranges from bordering on red to a bright tangerine shade. Conventionally, orange is believed to stimulate appetite, activity and socialization. Orange is the color of sunsets, tropical fruits and optimism. Orange elicits stronger positive or negative feelings from people, compared to any other color. People either love it or hate it, generally there is nothing in between. 

In decor, orange can be employed for a bright pop of vibrancy or even a more muted background color used to warm up a room. Of late, contemporary interior design is getting more experimental and home experts as well as homeowners are not shying away from exploring bolder shades & creative color combinations. Paired with the right shades, orange can pep up the room like no other, whatever be the element, space or style – a fact wholeheartedly endorsed by professional painters as well. Be it an accent wall, dining set chairs or mosaic tiles in the shower area, orange in its various degrees of brightness amps it up like anything. 

There are a number of colors that go with orange beautifully. Orange looks striking with blue tones, but cozies up well with grays too. In its more subtle & subdued form, orange can blend into brown & woody tones. The peachy, terra-cotta & rust tonalities of orange are quite popular, particularly for dining rooms. Many bold tones like magenta, lime & kelly green work well with orange. Pink & orange look summery & festive together… .the list goes on. This article talks about some wonderful orange color schemes worthy of a read… .

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