Porcelain Vs. Ceramic tile: a detailed comparison

Posted by Judy Jordan on October 05, 2017

Porcelain Vs. Ceramic tile: a detailed comparison

Further, as opposed to ceramic tiles, genuine porcelain tiles have their color & pattern through their entire thickness that renders them nearly insusceptible to wear. This quality makes them suitable for residential as well as busy commercial/ industrial purposes. Ceramic tiles are well-suited for light to moderate endurance requirement, with both wall tile & floor tile applications.

Owing to its extremely high density & composition involving natural materials, porcelain tile boasts of all the excellent qualities of glazed ceramic apart from being way stronger than the ceramic tiles. However, high density makes porcelain tiles quite hard and therefore, more difficult to cut & install as compared to the softer & more porous ceramic tiles. 

Porcelain tiles are available in high polished, unglazed and matte finishes while ceramic tiles have either glazed or unglazed surface formats. Glazed ceramic tiles are quite easy to clean, and neither absorb odors nor support bacteria/ allergens. But being glasslike, it is best employed on walls as such smooth surfaces are too slippery for flooring. Glazed ceramic tiles are more susceptible to cracking, contrary to the unglazed ceramic tiles.

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