Inject warmth into your home with reclaimed wood wall

Posted by Robert Anderson on May 01, 2017

Inject warmth into your home with reclaimed wood wall

When using repurposed, reclaimed or salvaged wood, it is important to watch out for nails & splinters. One must ensure that the wood is properly sanded so that the risk of splinters is reduced. For wood collected from a demolition, it is important to carefully remove any old nails. The wood pieces should then be planed & cut to the requisite shapes & sizes.

A savvy DIY aficionado could take care of this project easily with the right tools and, of course, the right wood. However, experts recommend hiring a professional carpenter, since working with old wood boards can be tricky owing to irregular sizes & shapes. Unless the right tools & machines are available, reclaimed woodwork is better done by a professional finish carpenter. A local reclaimed-wood specialist can be really helpful, even saving time and money. But if you decide to tackle the project yourself, the required supplies will vary as per the condition of the reclaimed wood. Ideally, a nail gun, a chop saw & sandpaper on hand should do the job. It is useful to know the square footage of the wall to be covered as this will also help with the budgeting.

Be it the garden fence, accent wall of the living room or a the modest wall cladding of the family room, cost of installing a reclaimed wood wall is highly variable, depending upon the material, the area covered as well as the technical help utilized. It goes without saying, that for DIYers the cost of hiring professional help will be zero. Generally, the cost for reclaimed wood should run about $5 to $8/ sf, depending upon the wood quality. 

For the cheaper wood, it is likely that you will need to have more of it trimmed & planed to rid of the bad parts, while the wood planks priced higher will already be taken care of for quality.

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