How to stage a house prior to selling

Posted by Marguerite Hinkle on June 12, 2017

How to stage a house prior to selling

When it comes to staging a home for sale, curb appeal REALLY matters. The same goes for anyone staging a home for rent as well, as first impressions cannot be remade and will have a huge impact on the success or failure of any house-related endeavor. A few easy but effective ways to improve the way that a house presents itself, from the curb, include:

- Washing pathways and the facade. A clean and easy to reach house will always be an appealing prospect, which is why a couple of hours spent wrestling with a pressure washer will be a worthwhile investment. After all, nobody wants to move into a house that looks like it could use a fresh coat of paint or new paving slabs. Washing the windows is a must as well!

- Make sure the house name or number is clearly visible. It sounds strange, but an illegible house sign will really put people off. It might be worth buying something large and finished in neutral colors and materials, as this will really stick in people's minds.

- Add some greenery. From potted plants outside of the front door to well manicured grass, a little injection of flora and fauna will have a massive impact on how well presented a home is. A home that looks to have a mature garden that can simply be maintained will always be preferred over a house that needs a full landscaping overhaul.

- Repaint exterior woodwork. Any wooden trim will need to be bright and clean, including porches, so it's worth giving everything a fresh coat of paint. It won't take too long but will add immeasurable value.

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