How to divide an open-plan space: 9 ideas

Posted by Kevin Piatt on August 10, 2019

How to divide an open-plan space: 9 ideas

Homes lower on dimensions benefit immensely from the absence of walls. Small apartments with an open-plan space layout help the owners have different functional spaces within the limited area. An open area sans walls allows for ample light & air to circulate freely throughout the entire space; the furniture arrangement, furnishings & decor need to be such that they are not an impediment to light & ventilation, particularly in small homes.

However, no matter how big or small your home is, it will always look great minus a few interior walls. Of late, interior designers are increasingly experimenting with the open floor plan living, and a rising number of projects offering unconstrained spaces are being dished out in a modern AND homely format. Generally, the living room is the space that is mostly bedecked with an open-plan concept, though the room division for practical usage may vary greatly. A variety of styles & designs are available to explore, the key is to approach the open-plan interior design scheme such that a cohesive home with an intrinsic feeling of togetherness is tastefully created.

This homify story brings to you 9 fantastic examples of how you can divide an open-plan space to come up with functionally poised areas. These great examples will inspire you copiously on how amazing your home interiors could look without as many walls! Sounds interesting? Read on!

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