homify’s best ideas for a gravel garden

Posted by Jon Sparks on March 25, 2019

homify’s best ideas for a gravel garden

Of course there are many different types of gravel, which makes these gravel garden ideas so much fun! Basically small pieces of stone, gravel forms naturally over time by the action of water on rock, sculpting those lovely rounded pebbles found on beaches and by rivers. This is called pea gravel. 

Gravel can also be man-made, formed from crushed rock. This results in angular and sharp designs and can vary in size from very coarse to fine grains.  

There are major differences between these two types of gravel. While pea gravel has a lot of subtle differences in colour to keep it from looking dull, crushed stone tends to be more monochromatic. In addition, pea gravel is also softer underfoot—a great advantage if you have children and pets in your household. And while crushed stone ‘beds in’ better, pea gravel needs an edge to keep it in place. 

Before you start playing with gravel garden ideas, get some samples to decide which one is right for your outdoor space and lifestyle. While larger pieces ensure more texture, they are less restful one the eye and harder to traverse. Gravel size of about 1cm is ideal. 

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