Get creative with these corner kitchen cabinet ideas!

Posted by Kelly Cannon on October 23, 2017

Get creative with these corner kitchen cabinet ideas!

Last but not the least, among ingenious corner kitchen cupboard ideas, this idea of using up the corner space below the sink is also important as it is the space that is totally wasted many times. In this arrangement shown here, these bottom cabinets look totally normal from the outside. But once opened, they offer deep drawers with smart dividing systems in place to cater for all cleaning supplies. The main highlight here, however, is the tray for spare sink sponges & garbage bags that conveys a truly inspired design as these are the small things that always get lost and are oftentimes overlooked.

A corner sink base may not always maximize space, but it might be worth it especially if there is a view involved. The extra counter space behind your sink can be used to display your finest decor; you might also brainstorm some innovative decorating ideas making use of this space.

Smartly utilizing the corners of the room is very important, particularly in modern times where extra storage is a luxury. Click here for some wonderful bedroom corner cabinet ideas. And for any design queries, feel free to avail our free consultation service!

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