Embracing the blue kitchen

Posted by Mack Henderson on March 03, 2019

Embracing the blue kitchen

Colour psychology teaches us that every colour has the ability to evoke certain moods and feelings, supporting the idea that colours can have psychological effects. Whether you put stock into this idea or not, it is worth reading up on which colours influence us in which way.

So, what do they say about bringing blue into our homes? Well, it’s a known fact that blue is found in nature – the sky, the ocean, even certain types of flowers and animal. And for this reason, blue is often associated with calmness and serenity. However, in certain spaces and with certain hues, blue can also be deemed icy, cold and distant.  

For interior design, bear in mind that blue is the colour most preferred by men. As it’s often viewed as a non-threatening tone, it can seem quite conservative and traditional. And as research suggests that people are more productive in blue rooms, it’s a favourite for working zones like home offices… and kitchens! 

Speaking of which, if used in kitchens (like paint, furniture or dishes), it is said that blue can even decrease one’s appetite and help to lose weight!

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