7 Popular Siding Materials to Consider

Posted by Alma Adair on June 21, 2017

7 Popular Siding Materials to Consider

Bricks share similar features with stone side materials and are also long-lasting, durable and very low maintenance. What’s more is that with brick you can also enjoy a more flexibility thus making it the popular option for various designed houses and even larger building structures.

When considering house exteriors materials costs, you’ll notice that they vary one from the other which is influenced by their ability to be self-sustaining, low maintenance, and durable to the natural elements. Fiber cement panels can range between $8 to $13 sq ft whereas wood siding options can vary from natural to engineered wood textures an average $5 to $12 sq ft. Brick and stone side materials can differ in price too and are estimated at $6 to $26 per sq. ft, depending on the type of brick or stone being used.  

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