7 faucet finishes for fabulous bathrooms

Posted by Monica Rushing on February 27, 2018

7 faucet finishes for fabulous bathrooms

If a shiny finish is what is wanted for a bathroom, polished nickel and chrome faucets are definitely worth comparing. On the face of it, there might seem to be little in the way of differences, as a perfectly mirrored look can be achieved with both plating styles, but there is an intrinsic tonal variation to take into account.

Nickel tends to have a deeper and warmer base, making it a luxurious finish that resonates some often much-needed warmth into a cool room. On the other hand, chrome is cooler and fresher, creating a more contemporary design, so the decision really does come down to personal preference. Both plating styles are equally as corrosion resistant, but nickel tends to be a little pricier, so this is an extra element to take into consideration.

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