7 basement ideas on a budget: chic convenience for the home

Posted by Lisa Leonard on February 03, 2017

7 basement ideas on a budget: chic convenience for the home

Accommodating kids' stuff could be tricky. From toys to books & crafts, all belongings of your little ones deserve proper storage. A neat little work area in the basement is the ideal spot to organize it all. Creating a focal point is very important; everything can be accordingly arranged tastefully. Here, the focus is the white worktable with those bright bean bag chairs. The walls painted in light tones like whites & pastel hues can ring in a soft suggestion. 

Against the white ceiling & walls and white colored shelves of the bookcase, the books & toys inject bold pops of color to make it a trendy space. Using the colorful old area rugs kept unused in the almirah since long, the floor can be creatively covered to give it a stylish touch. Here, the blue & green rugs garb the old yet shiny wooden floor, also taking care of the possible slippery surface of the flooring. Any colorful piece of furniture for which you cannot think of a suitable place to put, can be conveniently employed for this new kids's room in the basement. 

If your basement has exposed ceiling joists, they can be painted a deep charcoal, and the modest concrete floor a fun red. Adding interest & utility with wood shelving & quirky or eclectic furniture goes a long way to pep up the space without pricey options. For reclaimed wood board flooring, throw rugs add warmth making it cozy & inviting as well as practical. Additional cabinetry can be installed for the never ending accessories that catch your tot's fancy.

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