21 amazing shelf & rack ideas for your home

Posted by Eric Bolden on May 13, 2018

21 amazing shelf & rack ideas for your home

Plenty of storage is a bonus, especially in contemporary homes with limited dimensions. Of late, interior designers have been experimenting with living spaces to offer added storage. In a house there are always unused spaces like vertical wall space, below the sink, underneath the kitchen bar, on/ under conventional furniture, the corners of the room or on that little terrace which looks lonely with only chairs. In all these spaces, your carpenter can easily build shelves or racks that you can conveniently use for storage, display/ decor, or simply to maintain an organized neatness by stashing away your accessories. Be it your bedroom, home-office, dressing room or bathroom, a little bit of your creativity & your carpenter’s help can transform the disused space into one loaded with practical poise and also add to the overall visual appeal.

In this homify article, we offer you 21 wonderful examples wherein the incorporation of shelves has injected functional flair to the room. These examples will definitely have you hurrying to the carpenter to copy them for your snug spaces. Take a peek!

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