16 great ways to dress up a drab hallway

Posted by Lupe Dement on December 12, 2017

16 great ways to dress up a drab hallway

Oftentimes overlooked during interior decoration, good old hallways are not merely transition spaces between rooms. They are much more than just an entrance way or a dumping ground for jackets or a storage space for shoes. In the most contemporary apartments, it's the first interior space greeting the visitors. It is, therefore, very important that this space be so bedecked to be visually pleasing & welcoming.

Usually people neglect the hallways, simply looking to fill up the empty space with any old pieces of furniture. But with the changing trends in interior decor & design, the hallways are being given their due importance just like the bedroom, the living room, or any other room in the house. Of late, room decorators, interior designers & their clients are acknowledging the untapped potential of these humble hallway spaces in imparting a jazzy aspect to the interiors as a whole and of course, in making that wonderful first impression on the guests.

With a bit of sophisticated styling, creative thinking, a dash of color, or addition of some elegant furniture, a hallway can be turned into the focal point of the home. Hallways can be beautiful passages that get you from one room to the next, inspiring the decor in some of these rooms as well! This homify article offers you 16 amazing ideas to doll up the hallways, that re-imagine how these long, narrow spaces can be used. From luxurious to muted & simple, there is something for every taste & budget. So, read on & be inspired!

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